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Over 140 staff are based at CABI’s corporate office in Wallingford, working in Publishing, Sales and Customer service, IT, Marketing, Finance, Project Development and Digital Development.


Digital Development
Our Digital Development team works across the world to help harness the power of digital tools, data, information and ICTs to support international development.

Project Development
Our Project Development team works with our scientists to develop project proposals and respond to tenders from donors. Three members of the team are based at our Corporate Office in Wallingford, two are based at our UK Centre in Egham and the sixth team member is based in our South Asia centre in Pakistan.

Our Marketing team is dedicated to promoting the wealth of work undertaken by CABI. Through our website, press releases, newsletters, exhibitions and marketing campaigns, we are able to communicate effectively CABI’s latest news, events and achievements to our audiences.

Publishing Sales
Our services and products, resources and expertise are invaluable to modern industry, global agriculture and environmental programmes. Our Sales team works closely with our customers to ensure they have continued access to the most relevant and up-to-date scientific information available.

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Our IT specialists create innovative technology-based products, designed to enable scientific knowledge to be available in accessible and usable formats.

Our Finance team is responsible for strategic financial management and liaises with global Finance Managers to facilitate corporate accounting and reporting.

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CABI - Wallingford

Nosworthy Way, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8DE, UK

T: +44 (0) 1491 832111

Centre staff

Alexis Rendell-Dunn

Head of Content Management, Plant and Environmental Sciences

Neil Willsher

Global Director, Value Chains & Trade

Tom Chaloner

Data Analyst, Knowledge and Data Management

René Schölzel

Commercial Director

Alex Lainsbury

Animal and Veterinary Science and Medicine, Global Health

Neil Macdonald

Senior Sales Manager, Europe and South Asia

Robert Sloley

Chief Financial Officer

Qiaoqiao Zhang

Memberships Director

Katherine Cameron

Digital Development Coordinator, Digital Advisory Tools

Tim Beale

Senior Data Analyst

Tracy Head

Senior Production Editor (Books)

Daniel Lungu

Regional Sales Manager, Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Cyprus)

Centre News & Blogs

Invasive Blog

Insect heroes fighting invasive species

21st June 2021

Benefits of the Global Burden of Crop Loss project highlighted at DevRes2021 conference

21st June 2021
Invasive Blog

UK Invasive Species Week floating pennywort campaign picture special

27th May 2021
Invasive Blog

UK Invasive Species Week – how can we tackle some of the worst weeds in the UK?

24th May 2021

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CABI Project
Global Burden of Crop Loss

Efforts to reach Sustainable Development Goals in food security, nutrition and livelihoods are being hindered by crop loss. Up 40% of crop yields are lost to pests and disease but the data available to prove and show trends is limited. The Global Burden of Crop Loss project will collect, validate, analyse and disseminate data on the extent and causes of crop loss with the aim of gathering sufficient and reliable data that can act as evidence to enable prioritisation of research and policy in plant health, to improve our ability to predict the impact of emerging diseases.

Start:01/04/19 -End:31/10/26