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New tool promotes safer products to fight the world’s crop pests

Evaluation of Plantwise Kenya: 36-Month Follow-Up Report

CABI searches for biological control to halt surge of papaya mealybug menace in Kenya

CABI collaborates to improve resistance of Kenya’s cabbage and kale crops to TuMV disease

A team of international scientists from the Kenyan Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (Kenya), NIAB EMR (UK), University of Warwick (UK), CABI (Kenya) and Syngenta (Netherlands) are seeking to improve the resistance of Kenya’s cabbage and kale crops to TuMV.

Partnership explores the ecological intensification of smallholder farms in Kenya

CABI is working in partnership to explore the prospect of smallholder farmers in Kenya achieving greater yields through ecological intensification (EI), thereby helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals ‘Zero Poverty’ and ‘Zero Hunger’.

Fighting the scourge of scale insects affecting livelihoods and food security in Kenya

CABI is working in partnership, as part of a Darwin Initiative-funded project, to help secure livelihoods and the food security of smallholder farmers and their families in Kenya blighted by scale insects such as coffee mealybug and cassava mealybug.