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Use of Non-native Species for Poverty Alleviation in Developing Economies

Scientists highlight the 13 ‘invaders’ most likely to impact the Antarctic Peninsula over next decade

Invasive Alien Plants and their Management in Africa

Invasive mikania in Chitwan National Park, Nepal: the threat to the greater one-horned rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis and factors driving the invasion

Management of invasive plants could prevent spread of deadly malaria, scientists suggest

CABI scientists have joined an international team of experts who suggest that the large-scale management of a range of some invasive plants could hold the key to reducing the spread of deadly malaria.

CABI receives JRS grant to publish dataset on invasive alien plants in Sub-Saharan Africa

CABI has received a grant of $45,750 from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation to publish one of the most complete and current datasets on Invasive Alien Plants (IAP) in Eastern Africa. The project, which is led by Dr Arne Witt, Coordinator: Invasive Species, CABI, will build upon the successful results from a previously awarded JRS grant.