Welcome to the CABI Academy

Strengthening plant health systems through digital learning

CABI Academy brings together CABI's expertise in plant health and diseases to create a range of online interactive training courses.

The courses are designed to support teachers and trainers in agricultural education institutions and in the workplace. They provide interactive exercises and resources to help participants grow their knowledge, so they can provide the best possible advice to farmers.


• Accessible: Access the materials online or download via our platform’s mobile app for use offline

• Flexible: Use the materials for step-by-step self-study or for “dipping in” to support a specific teaching or learning need

• Badges: Receive completion badges to share on social media

• Certification: Successful completion of a certification assessment brings a CABI Academy certificate

How to get started with the CABI Academy

Create a CABI Academy account

• Login to your account

• If your country or organisation has a subscription with CABI, go directly to course you want to take. You will be able to access all the modules.

• If your country or organisation does not have a subscription, you will need to purchase an annual Access Pass.

For help on how to use CABI Academy, contact academy@cabi.org