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Distribution and socio-ecological impacts of the invasive alien cactus Opuntia stricta in eastern Africa

Economic impacts of invasive alien species on African smallholder livelihoods

Fall Armyworm Evidence Note 2017

Fall Armyworm: Impacts and Implications for Africa

External Evaluation of Plantwise SDC contribution

Improving banana agronomy practices for small scale farmers in East Africa

Over 50 million people in East Africa depend on highland bananas for their food and/or income. Annually, the crop’s production is worth around $4.3 billion, However, pests and diseases, nutrient deficiencies and drought stress continue to affect average productivity of banana. This project is working with private and public partners to help farmers bridge the yield gap by providing appropriate knowledge and skills in good management practices that will improve farmers’ productivity with the aim of reaching 25,000 households in Uganda and Tanzania and creating a value of over $14.3 million.