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CABI-led digital tool to fight armoured bush cricket wins Atos Digitize Rural-Agriculture Challenge

CABI updates workshop on steps to find effective biological control for invasive Galapagos blackberry

First mite to lead biological fight against Russian olive approved for use in Canada

MARA-CABI’s Integrated Pest Management course at the Graduate School of CAAS reopens after Covid-19 restrictions

CABI-led study creates first forecasting models targeting Fall Armyworm larval stages for Africa to help fight against devastating pest

Biological control of tree of heaven

Tree of heaven, Ailanthus altissima, is a deciduous tree native to north-east and central China and Taiwan. It was brought to Europe and North America as an ornamental, but became invasive and is now an invasive species of concern in many countries, including Canada. Once established, tree of heaven is difficult to control, with mechanical and chemical options being limited and expensive. Since 2020, CABI has been working with partners to coordinate options for biological control of tree of heaven in Canada.