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CABI works in partnership to step up fight against pests and diseases of papaya in Uganda

Rapid appraisal of the financing landscape for the coffee sector in Africa

The coffee sector in Africa provides a vital source of income for many smallholder farmers and accounts for a large proportion of export income for many countries. However, access to finance for production, in-country processing and marketing of coffee is one of the main challenges limiting the transformation of the African coffee sub-sector into a vibrant and resilient industry. CABI is undertaking a study aimed at finding ways to overcome these challenges by determining the best models for financing the micro and small to medium enterprises, and individual smallholder producers of the African coffee value chains.

Agreement with USDA towards greater regulatory harmonization and collaboration with ASEAN Members

Workshop reviews Pakistan’s organic policy plans for more sustainable food and cotton production

CABI’s Executive Council reviews progress and plans to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges

Experts convene to identify plant protection products of concern for Kenyan trade in agricultural goods