Important role of women highlighted in study focused on the benefits of good farmer seed production

Female farmers
A new study looking at the benefits of good farmer seed production suggests women need more support to participate in contract farming – to the same extent as their male counterparts – and have more equality along the whole food value chain. The CABI-led research – which sought to assess…
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Food safety and market access for peppercorn in Southeast Asia

Peppercorn is a key agricultural crop accounting for 20% of Vietnam’s gross domestic product and is a rising industry in Laos and Cambodia. However, non-compliance with Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS) at the smallholder farmer level is threatening exports to high-value international markets due to concerns over food safety. CABI…
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Joint crop and livestock services for smallholder farmers in Uganda

Crop and livestock health is crucial to agricultural productivity and farmer livelihoods. However, in low-income countries, smallholders are often left without sufficient support to deal with crop and animal problems due to existing agricultural extension services being understaffed and underfunded. CABI’s work in plant health and plant clinics over the…
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Ensuring resilience of maize production and quality in a changing climate

Climate change is impacting on the agricultural sector in DPR Korea, with extreme weather events becoming more common. This has led to increased damage to the main staple crops, rice and maize. Maize in particular is vulnerable to damage in the field and subsequent colonization by toxin producing fungi. These…
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New ‘safer spices’ base to help secure market access through improved food safety within the peppercorn value chain

Peppercorn sales in Vietnam
The CABI-implemented Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) ‘safer spices’ project has established an office in Vietnam to help support its work to secure market access through improved food safety within the peppercorn value chain. The project aims to achieve this by improving compliance with food safety requirements in high-value…
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CABI ‘chips-in’ to help build capacity of potato growers in Punjab, Pakistan

CABI is joining forces with Wageningen University & Research in a two-and-a-half-year project to help increase the productivity and sustainability of 960 smallholder potato growers in Punjab, Pakistan, with a special attention for the role of women. Thanks to funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), CABI and its Dutch…
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