‘Wonder Weevil’ released in fight against invasive floating pennywort

CABI research has been at the forefront of a world-first after a South American weevil more than 10 years under study has been released in England to sustainably fight the invasive non-native species floating pennywort. The release was timed to coincide with Invasive Species Week 2022. Invasive Species Week is…
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CABI updates workshop on steps to find effective biological control for invasive Galapagos blackberry

Harry Galapagos
CABI experts have updated authorities, as well as researchers from several universities, public and private institutions, organizations dedicated to studying invasive species in Ecuador, on its efforts to help find an effective biological control for the invasive blackberry (Rubus niveus) on the Galapagos Islands. Dr Marion Seier and Dr Harry…
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First mite to lead biological fight against Russian olive approved for use in Canada

Russian olive Iran
More than 10 years spent researching a safe and effective biological control to fight the Russian olive may soon start paying dividends after authorities have given permission for the release of the first biological control agent – Aceria angustifoliae – against the invasive weed in Canada. CABI, together with partners…
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MARA-CABI’s Integrated Pest Management course at the Graduate School of CAAS reopens after Covid-19 restrictions

The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GS-CAAS) together with Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development MARA–CABI Joint Laboratory in Beijing successfully organized a five-day course on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This was the sixth time the course was provided but it was the first course…
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CABI-led study creates first forecasting models targeting Fall Armyworm larval stages for Africa to help fight against devastating pest

Farmer 2
A CABI-led study has developed the first forecasting models targeting the larval stages of fall armyworm – using near real-time earth observation data and pest occurrence within a farmers field, the models will assist in the fight against the devastating fall armyworm (FAW) pest which in Africa alone is estimated…
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Biological control of tree of heaven

Tree of heaven invasion in Summerland, British Columbia (Lisa Scott, OASISS)
Tree of heaven, Ailanthus altissima, is a deciduous tree native to north-east and central China and Taiwan. It was brought to Europe and North America as an ornamental, but became invasive and is now an invasive species of concern in many countries, including Canada. Once established, tree of heaven is…
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