CABI highlights digital technology to assist global food security efforts at Africa Agri Expo 2022

CABI has highlighted the use of digital technology to help assist global food security efforts at the 5th Africa Agri Expo 2022 virtual conference – one of the leading agriculture events that connects Africa to the world’s agribusiness industries. Henry Mibei, CABI’s Manager, Digital Development based at its regional centre…
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CABI Academy digital teaching resources addressing agricultural challenges now available in Bangladesh

CABI Academy
The CABI Academy, which addresses a multitude of agricultural challenges faced by smallholder farmers around the world, is now available in Bangladesh – thereby helping extension workers to advise on how to best tackle issues such a crop-devastating pests and diseases. The full suite of courses and resources contained within…
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Crop App Index paves the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools

Agronomist consulting with farmer outdoor in the field
CABI has today launched a new product – the Crop App Index – aimed at paving the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools to help navigate issues related to plant health. The free to access Crop App Index has been developed by CABI as part…
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Strengthening food security systems in Pakistan

Thirty-seven percent of Pakistan's population is already vulnerable to food insecurity. This figure will soon exacerbate given the effect of recent external challenges including the rapid spread of Covid-19 and its subsequent Government restrictions, and Pakistan’s largest locust infestation in 25 years devasting large areas of agricultural land, including cotton,…
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New project aims to review and help strengthen national Soil Information Systems

CABI has been awarded a $1.07 million contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to lead a comprehensive study of national Soil Information Systems (SIS) in several countries including India, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania also capturing learning from the USA, UK, countries within the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil,…
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Data on ‘One Health’ approach to integrated crop-livestock advisory services digitized for future analysis

One Health in Uganda
Data on a ‘One Health’ approach to integrated crop-livestock advisory services for smallholder farmers in Uganda has been digitized to enable better capture, analysis and use with a view to helping them better protect their crops and livestock from pests/vectors and diseases. A review of the project ‘Joint crop and…
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