CABI highlights the power of data at International Day of Plant Health event

IDPH_Zoom back_1
CABI has highlighted the importance of harnessing the power of data for plant health and environmental protection at an International Day of Plant Health (IDPH) 2023 hybrid event. IDPH, which was held on 12 May, is designated by the United Nations to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health…
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Supporting the implementation of the Plant Health Strategy for Africa

Robust plant health systems and reduced pest and disease risks contribute to better livelihoods, food security, increased trade, and the protection of biodiversity in Africa. However, challenges faced by the Inter-African Phytosanitary Council of the African Union (AU-IAPSC) prevent them from fulfilling these. Challenges include the absence of clear national…
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Majority of farmers willing to pay for plant health advice, new research shows

Plant clinic Rwanda1
The majority of farmers surveyed in Bangladesh, Rwanda and Zambia are willing to pay for visits to CABI-led Plantwise plant clinics which help diagnose potentially devastating crop pests and diseases as well as ways to mitigate impacts on yields. An international team of experts led by Adewale Ogunmodede, Junior Agricultural…
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Crop App Index paves the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools

Agronomist consulting with farmer outdoor in the field
CABI has today launched a new product – the Crop App Index – aimed at paving the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools to help navigate issues related to plant health. The free to access Crop App Index has been developed by CABI as part…
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CABI reports good progress made in 2021 as part of its work with the Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan

"Better Cotton Project Sind, Pakistan"
CABI has reported good progress made against a range of key objectives as part of its work in 2021 to help Pakistan’s cotton farmers reduce annual losses of around $350m through poor production, transport and storage practices under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Working with a range of partners, CABI…
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CABI to share expertise as part of new £10m centre with mission to create green revolution in agriculture

CABI is to share its expertise as part of a new £10m centre with a mission to create a green revolution in agriculture as well as rescuing threatened species and restoring natural habitats. Dr Matthew Ryan, Curator, Genetic Resource Collection at CABI, has today welcomed news that the £10m Leverhulme…
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