New project aims to review and help strengthen national Soil Information Systems

CABI has been awarded a $1.07 million contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to lead a comprehensive study of national Soil Information Systems (SIS) in several countries including India, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania also capturing learning from the USA, UK, countries within the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil,…
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Value of extension services highlighted at 2021 World Conference on Science Literacy

Smallholder farmers gather around a radio in Malawi to hear extension messages on how to grow more profitable crops
The value of extension services in helping smallholder farmers grow healthier and more profitable crops has been highlighted by CABI at the 2021 World Conference on Science Literacy held remotely online due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions. Around 450 experts and guests from around the world attended the conference – on…
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CABI-led project advocating a ‘One Health’ approach to crop and livestock services highlighted at webinar

A CABI-led project advocating a ‘One Health’ approach to crop and livestock services in Uganda has been highlighted at a webinar on animal welfare hosted by the World Animal Protection Foundation (WTS). Christine Alokit, CABI Communication and Extension Scientist based in Uganda, told stakeholders attending the online event that the…
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CABI and the Rainforest Alliance pledge working towards more sustainable agriculture

Plantwise Cambodia
CABI and the Rainforest Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on ways to help smallholder farmers around the world grow safer and higher quality food – and increase their incomes in the process – through more sustainable agricultural practices. With this partnership, producers will benefit from…
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Open invite to view high-level discussion exploring global food security amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Stakeholders working and interested in the field of agricultural science and international development are being invited to a high-level discussion exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected food security for millions of people around the world. A panel of experts – including senior representatives from the African Union, China Agricultural…
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CABI works in partnership to promote organic agriculture in Pakistan

CABI, together with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFS&R), is leading an initiative to promote organic agriculture in Pakistan as part of an ambitious plan to help alleviate poverty and mitigate the impacts of climate change. CABI’s centre in Pakistan is working with MNFS&R to form a…
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