CABI’s 402nd Executive Council looks forward to Member Countries shaping and supporting its new Medium-Term Strategy

"Chinyunyu Plant Clinic in Rufunsa district, Zambia."
CABI’s Member Countries will play a key role in creating and implementing the organization’s new three-year Medium-Term Strategy 2023-25 (MTS), which will focus on addressing the biggest challenges facing humanity, including poverty, hunger, climate change, gender inequality and biodiversity loss. Dr Daniel Elger, CABI’s CEO, told a virtual meeting of…
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CABI and Euphresco network partnering to bolster global plant health research

"Simplex Chisale, Plant Doctor in Mitundu Village, Malawi"
CABI and Euphresco have joined in partnership to share access to their respective networks with a view to facilitating international collaboration, reinforcing plant health research across complementary memberships and helping to ensure greater global food security. The Euphresco network brings together organizations with different mandates (e.g. research funders, policy makers,…
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CEO visits CABI Africa ahead of Africa Regional Consultations

CABI CEO Kenya visit
CABI CEO Dr Daniel Elger recently visited the CABI Africa regional office in Nairobi, Kenya and held discussions with in-country partners ahead of the Africa Regional Consultations scheduled for May 2022. Dr Eliud Kireger, Director General, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) and CABI’s Liaison Officer for Kenya, appreciated…
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Crop App Index paves the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools

Agronomist consulting with farmer outdoor in the field
CABI has today launched a new product – the Crop App Index – aimed at paving the way for a smoother route to existing agricultural decision support tools to help navigate issues related to plant health. The free to access Crop App Index has been developed by CABI as part…
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CABI reports good progress made in 2021 as part of its work with the Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan

"Better Cotton Project Sind, Pakistan"
CABI has reported good progress made against a range of key objectives as part of its work in 2021 to help Pakistan’s cotton farmers reduce annual losses of around $350m through poor production, transport and storage practices under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Working with a range of partners, CABI…
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Study of ants suggests a need for better biodiversity conservation across agricultural land in the tropics

A new study, led by CABI scientist Dr Elizabeth Finch, is the first to investigate the impacts of swidden agriculture on ant communities across the full degradation gradient, highlighting the utmost importance of the conservation of existing closed canopy forests. Swidden agriculture, known more commonly as slash and burn agriculture,…
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