2022 Open Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Consultancy: Social and behaviour change - pesticide risk reduction

CABI - through its PlantwisePlus programme - is seeking to reduce the risk of pesticides to stakeholders in the food value chain. Reducing pesticide risks for these actors will improve the safety of food and protect farmers and environmental health.

Efforts to achieve these goals are multi faceted and include policy-level discussion and advocacy to provide an enabling environment for risk reduction, covering issues such as pesticide registration, availability of safer alternatives and monitoring of residue levels in food crops for instance.

In addition, the programme aims to support changes at the local level which can result in risk reduction at the individual and farm levels.

This consultancy particularly focuses on the behaviours of farmers, and the factors and organisations which influence their decision making around this issue.

To bring about social and behaviour change, CABI is planning to develop and implement a communication campaign which focuses  on specific risks where there are opportunities to achieve a beneficial impact, recognising the complexity of behaviour and the drivers around pesticide usage (such as cost, habit, the effectiveness of alternatives etc).

CABi is seeking a Social and Behaviour Change agency to lead the ideation and strategizing of this pesticide risk reduction campaign, and oversee the implementation of the pilot activities in Nakuru County.

Closing date for applications
6th August 2022

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Consultancy: End-of-project assessment

The STDF and the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) in Kampala funded a project titled ‘Enhancing the capacity of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector to comply with Phytosanitary requirements for export to EU, other high-end markets and regional markets’ which ran between February 2019 to September 2022 in Uganda.

The overall objective of the project was to improve Uganda’s compliance with international phytosanitary standards for the production and export of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFVs) to international markets, including the EU, as well as to regional markets.

CABI, its project funders and stakeholders would now like to engage a consultant to conduct an end-of-project assessment.

The end-of-project assessment aims to assess the relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness and, where possible, the sustainability and impact of the project.

Closing date for applications
5th August 2022

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Download Terms of Reference full document [PDF]